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New research confirms that when the school bell rings, millions of children and teens are released to the streets with neither constructive activities nor adult supervision to guide them. This is when violent juvenile crime suddenly triples. On school days, the prime time for such crime is from 3 PM to 6 PM. The crimes that occur then are serious and violent: murders, sexual assaults, robberies, and assaults, according to the report released by Fight Crime: Invest in Kids. 

In Milwaukee, we set a record for the number of murders in a single year. The area code for the theater is 53206 which is also one of the poorest in the country with the most people incarcerated. 

Authorities said neighborhoods within the 53206 ZIP code are considered the poorest in the city. The suicide and homicide rates are also alarming. The national homicide rate is four for 100,000. The homicide rate for 53206 is 250 per 100,000. No one should have to live in that kind of circumstance.

Club kids 414 of Milwaukee works to help keep kids out of trouble.

"Kids aren't bad. Kids are dealing with issues that they shouldn't have to deal with, and the theater will be an amazing oasis and a safe space for them.

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure that all children and their families have access to high-quality programs, activities, and opportunities during non-school hours. We believe that these experiences are essential to the healthy development of youth minds and will lead to these individuals becoming leaders and exceptional members of society. Our work is the embodiment of research, policy, and practice. 


We would like to open a safe place theater for kids of all ages, sex, and race. This center would include a youth club, computer lab, arcade, study center, studio, play center, after school care, and more. This would be a place where they could hang out after school and on the weekends as an alternative to the dangerous streets. The center would offer the kids an environment that would keep them occupied, out of trouble, secured, supervised, and safe - with a focus on keeping the kids entertained, and active.


Club Kids mission is to empower the kids with the knowledge, strength, and determination to become a better person and citizen of the community. By educating them with the skills they need to succeed. Our goal is to keep them out of trouble off the streets out of gangs, and out of jail. by giving them an alternative to the dangerous streets, By offering them creative activities in a controlled environment and introducing them to a new and different world through Arts, Sports, Recreation, and Entertainment.





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